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Our products

Our products


We have abundant experience and expertise in manufacturing various different food products, and we have a keen understanding of our customers' needs. Our production methods include sous vide, the autoclave, baking, and boiling. Our modern, efficient, and safe production lines make certain that our products will be excellent in their quality and are prepared on schedule. Our brand is Suvi. 


All of our products are lactose free.


Suvi seasonal purées


Large, 1-kilogram vegetable purées manufactured from November to December. These purées are perfect for large holiday recipes and are made using pure, high-quality vegetables.


Available 1-kilogram purées include carrot, turnip, and sweet potato.


Suvi year-round purées


Vegetable purées of a smaller package size that are perfect for year-round cooking.


Available year-round purées include carrot (450 g), pumpkin (350 g), and sweet potato (400 g).


Ready-made meals


We make desserts,  sauces, side dishes, casseroles, and microwave meals. Our options include both meat-based and vegetable-based options for most product types.