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Quality meets responsibility

Efficient processes and high quality safe products


PL Manufacturing


We produce ready-made products based on our own, our customers’ or or our jointly developed recipes


Our goal is to be the best contract manufacturer there is. Our staff consists of the most well-trained experts in the field.



Product Development

Our highly skilled chef together with our product development team is able to assist our customer’s with their product development processes.




We use the finest, fresh ingredients available supplied by trustworthy Finnish farmers.

Puhtaasti Suomalaista työtä

Purely Finnish work


We are committed to the sustainable use of natural resources in our food production. We also strive to reduce our own direct environmental impact.


We always demand responsible operations also from our subcontractors. Our production processes are monitored using an FSSC 22000 certified management system.


This means that our food chain can be traced.


We are 100% aware of the origin of our main ingredients. Our operations enable everything in the food chain to be traced, from an individual field plot to the dinner table.