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Our company

Our company

Domretor Oy began from the idea of four Finnish entrepreneurs, when they decided to refine the harvest from their own fields into foodstuff within their own county. Our company started operations in 1999 in the former premises of Mainioleipä Oy in Kauhava. Ever since, our growth and development has continued steadily, and in 2020 we became a part of the Atria Group.


Customer oriented approach and flexibility

The satisfaction of our customers is most important to the operations of our company. The produce foods with expertise according to the wishes and needs of our customers. We plan and carry out the entire manufacturing process from production schedules to logistics.



Traceability and openness

Our operations are based on an open company culture. Our chain of production is fully traceable from a singular section of field all the way to the dinner table, and our production processes are fully transparent to our customers.



Product safety

Product safety is extremely important to us. The quality of our products' ingredients, packaging materials, production processes, and end products is monitored and controlled extremely precisely through our self-monitoring program. Our production processes are monitored via a FSSC 22000-certified management system. We use Finnish ingredients, so we can always ascertain the high quality and reliable origin of our products.


Product development

Our product development team assists our customers in the product development process. Our team is constantly following the supply, demand, and needs of the market, so that our products fullfil both the requirements of our customers and those of the law.


Our modern test kitchen enables the development of multiple different product development solutions. We support our customers' ideas by customizing them to suit our production systems. The machines and production lines are also easily adjustable in accordance with our customers' changing needs. The development of a new product is always a project that involves the entire company, so the entire staff of Domretor participates in the development of new products and production methods.




We are committed to using natural resources sustainably in our food production. We aim to decrease our own environmental impact, and we also require environmentally responsible action from our business partners.


We follow the principles of sustainable development in our production  by optimizing the usage of materials and energy, as well as decreasing the amount of waste and usage of water. The success of this development work is followed through the help of environmental meters.



Competent and motivated staff

A skilled and motivated staff is extremely important to us. We are constantly training our staff and through our actions,  we strive to make sure that our employees have a friendly and open working athosphere where they can work in good spirits.