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Domretor has its origin in four Finnish farmers having a business idea that entailed manufacturing food from their own crops. Our operations started in 1999 and our growth and development has continued steadily since.


We manufacture pure, safe, delicious and natural premium quality food for private label customers. We thus, offer our customers private label manufacturing and our own brand products. In addition, our highly skilled employees can support our customers' product development process and devise food to individual customers’ specifications.


Our modern and flexible production facilities are situated in Kauhava, Finland. Our production processes are very flexible enabling us to meet the unique needs and timetables of our customers. We also have an open company culture making our entire production process transparent to our customers. Therefore, our customers become part of our production process.


We prepare food using several different manufacturing methods

  • sous vide; low pasteurization
  • autoclave; high pasteurization
  • oven cooking; pan frying and oven cooking
  • boiling; for example mashed potatoes, porridges, sauces and soups

We promote sustainable development in all our production and aim to optimize the use of materials and energy in our production. This is achieved by reducing the levels of waste and water consumption. Various environmental indicators are used to monitor our continuous progress.


A high standard in environmental, social and corporate governance encompass all aspects of our production, from our raw materials to the finished product on the customer’s plate.


Our Values


Customer-Centric and Flexible

Customer satisfaction is the most important thing to us. Our production processes are very flexible enabling us to produce premium quality food meeting the unique needs and timetables of our customers.


Traceable and transparent

Our operations are based on an open company culture and transparency of operations to the customer. Our food chain is entirely traceable, from farm and raw materials to end consumer, including producers, packaging materials and distribution.


Food Safety

Food safety is very important to us it starts on the farm and extends to the table. The entire production chain is audited along with a thorough internal inspection system of all aspects of food safety. Our production processes are monitored using an FSSC 22000 certified management system. In Finnish food chemical and microbiological risk factors have been minimized. This ensures the excellent quality and safety of food.

Product Development

We want to be the best food manufacturer and we work continuously on improving our products and production processes. Our aim is to always have efficient processes and high quality safe products.


Environmentally Friendly

At Domretor we are committed to the sustainable usage of natural resources in our production processes. We aim to minimize our impact on nature and we also require that from our partners.


The Finnish Nordic climate allows for minimal pesticide usage in agriculture. The Finnish farming industry is committed to producing ecologically sustainable food.


Skilled and Motivated Staff

We value our staff highly and ensure that they are highly skilled professional by educating and training them continuously.

Domretor manufactures pure, safe and natural premium quality food for private label customers.


Our highly skilled staff and our flexible manufacturing methods have made us an esteemed contract manufacturer for the food industry, wholesalers and distributors.